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Humilation sex stories

Passions Unleashed

First I’d like to thank all my fans around the world for your kind words after my “2 Moms” series. You’ll be happy to know that your little Devil’s up to no good again! I’ve been thinking about this latest series for awhile now and finally got around to it. …

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Raj and jay are brothers who are well settled in US with a family business . Priya was their younger sister and Swapna was their mother . Raj and jay were married to sneha and swati Raj and Jay used to stay in Us while Priya swapna SWETHA AND SWATHI …

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At The Hands Of My Wife

It was a Saturday evening. My wife Sabrina was in front of the mirror in our huge master bedroom, getting ready for a girls’ night out. She was wearing a thin chiffon sari, the material transparent enough so one could see the milky white skin of her perfectly toned stomach, …

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Blackmail And Oral Humiliation

I work for a major MNC and I committed a mistake in accounts. This resulted in a huge amount being missing in the accounts and my job can be saved only by my boss…..In these conditions, my boss organizes a party with families at a far off place… the party …

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Humilation of husband for sex

Hi all this I Akhil, 30 years, from Chennai. I think you would have read my stories of farm house humiliation, naked in river bed, CFNM stuff. This one is a bit of wife humiliation and domination one. I am 30 and my wife is 26 yrs. We got married …

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He grabbed her wrists as she tried to move away. “Be still, he commanded. She still struggled. Slap. He backhanded her. She caught her breath and paused for a second to measure in her mind his new aggression. “Let me go,” she pleaded. “Be quiet and be still,” he commanded …

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